Pop-up Watch: Hapa Ramen pops up on abandoned bus


Hapa Ramen’s new home

This week, Hapa Ramen is pushing the envelope. Ever on the cutting edge of coolness, ramen chef Richie Nakano is redefining what it means to “pop up” by taking over an abandoned, rotting commuter bus he found in a junkyard.

“People think taking over a pizza place or a café is rad and edgy and unusual, but they’re weenies. See we’re streetwise bone thugs. We’re artists. Rotting cars are the last frontier in pop-up territory,” said Nakano.



Nakano decided it was the closest he could get to being a “pop up of the people.” After moving out a few vagrants and a family of opossums, Nakano made room in the bus for his stovetop and an iPad for checkout. He’ll be serving out of the bus’s emergency escape door at the back.

“This shit’s real. People don’t know what’s real, but this fuckin’ bus is real,” said Nakano.

Nakano will be serving the usual spread of ramen and starters, as well as a special based on other ingredients foraged from the junkyard. Keep an eye on Hapa Ramen’s twitter for up to date info, but we know the bus will be parked (read: pushed into) in the middle of the intersection between Market and Larkin on Wednesday, and Divisadero (at Page) until the authorities force him to move it. Beyond that, Nakano says the bus will land “wherever the fuck” he feels. Because movement requires a tow truck, we don’t imagine it will be making the rounds very quickly.