Salt of the Week: Salt on Skenes

Salt on Skenes

Salt on Skenes

This week, we bring you conceptual Salt.

As we all know, Joshua Skenes’ Saison serves the utmost in high-end, yet affordable cuisine. We’ve received a tip that they are working on a new dish that shares our appreciation for Salt and emphasizes the importance of top-notch visuals and hands-on eating experience. This new amuse buche will feature a miniature edible bobble head of Skenes alongside a minuscule bowl of the finest hand-harvested French sel gris. Diners will pinch three granules of salt from the bowl, sprinkle it atop the bobble head, and then eat the amuse in one bite.

Since the dish is still in the “experimental” phase, we can only offer the above depiction of the sensation desired when eating this dish. One hopes that we will be able to try it soon, and we won’t need to slum it in the salon to do so.