To Drink this Week: Pirate’s Chest

This week we were inspired by two things: America’s Cup and pirates. Because when there’s a large sailing event going on, we naturally think of smelly men who want to ransack your Berkeley bungalow.

(And it turns out we weren’t the only ones to make this connection. The America’s Cup pavilion has its own pirate bar, The Bar of AAARRRR, complete with eyepatches and human skulls.)

Pirate's Chest Cocktail

Pirate’s Chest Cocktail

Pirate’s Chest Cocktail

6 ounces Navy-strength rum (Don’t be shy. Real pirates have epic alcohol tolerances.)

2 large sugar cubes (Or sugar cane leftover from making brownies)

2 ounces ice cubes



1 pirate’s chest, preferably a famous one with dreadlocks and a fake accent

1. Pour all ingredients except for the pirate’s chest into a dirty wooden stein, small barrel, or cocktail shaker.

2. Seduce pirate and force him to lay on your bar table, shirtless or semi shirtless.

3. Pour drink over pirate’s chest.

4. Lap.

5. Repeat.