Salt of the Week: Street Salt

This week’s salt comes to us from a very special batch of underground intel. Normally we’d be more private with such sensitive information, but we are food journalists, seekers of truth, and we have a responsibility to the public to tell it like it is.

And so, today, we unveil the hottest new salt to hit the streets. Literally.


Our Salt of the Week this week is indeed, street salt. Gritty, authentic, delicious, and known only to those who know where to hunt the coolest urban foodstuffs. It pops up next to potholes, under buses, in the shadiest of alleyways.

We’ve been so sidetracked by the bourgeois saline sparkle of fleur du sel, Himalayan pink salt, even grey sea salt plucked from ocean’s floor off the coast of France, that we’ve forgotten all about where the real stuff is. Right here, on the street. Next time you’re craving an encounter with what real life tastes like, just get down on your knees and lick the ground.