Salt of the Week: Salt on Coffee

This week’s Salt is raising the bar on third wave coffee. Here at Hair of the Dog, we’re pretty much over the stone fruit notes of a nice, dry-processed Ethiopian coffee. We’ve had our phase with Kenyan microlots, we’ve done our time mouthgasming over the Panama Gesha’s creamy body. Frankly, we kind of think Ritual’s new Sugar Skull espresso tastes like a stale stack of wet Cheerios. That is, of course, until you add some salt, and feel it bloom on your tongue like a thousand prancing unicorns.


Ritual’s Sugar Skull espresso is better with salt.

We can’t take all the credit, salting coffee has been a thing in New York’s gritty underground espresso scene (i.e. caffeine-fueled fight clubs in Brooklyn parking garages) for a few years. In fact, even our safety is at risk for telling you about it. Even so, your happiness is all that matters to us. We may have just signed our own death warrants, but at least the truth is out there now. Coffee is better with salt.