To Drink this Week: Amari

Perhaps you think us gauche for posting so many far-fetched cocktails featuring such low-brow spirits as vodka, rum, or whiskey. Nay, we are truly far classier than those drinks may suggest. This week we bring you the utmost in civilized drinking. We shall not get drunk—rather, we shall sip restorative liqueurs to sooth our hearts and minds before nestling into our antique arm chairs for an evening of Burroughs, Salinger, and Greene.

A meager (but acceptable) selection of amari

A meager (but acceptable) selection of amari

Amari, to drink

6-24 bottles of amari, arranged neatly in a row along mid-century modern coffee table

1 small sipping glass, preferably cut crystal

1 Moleskine notebook

1 fountain pen

Pour 1/2 ounce of first amaro into sipping glass. Sip, take note of bitter characteristics in notebook. Critique the level of sugar in notebook. Finish sample.

Repeat until sufficiently educated.